Monday, January 15, 2007

Getting 'Burp' by daddy

Daddy's 1st time burping me!!!.... see e way he is 'holding' me... seems uncomfortable right. But i seems to be soooo comfortable that i fall asleep instead.. hehehehe

My stay at Po Po's house

During my mummy's confinement, we stayed at Po Po's house.

U can see from my pic, i'm peeling during my 1st mth cos i think i 'soak' too much in mummy's tummy.
Initially mummy very worried and wondered whether to bring me go see PD but Po Po said this is normal and told her not to worried but my peeling really very very badly.. like a little snake.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

I'm going home (staying at Po Po's house)

This is my Po Po, she came to pick us up from the hospital when mummy and me were going home from the hospital after my birth 2 days later.

Initially was raining heavily and Po Po was a bit worried cos both mummy & me are weak and can't catch a cold.

Luckily, when we got discharged the rain was abt to stop but Mummy still bundle me up and hold me tightly to her chest.

when we abt to get home, Po Po even called Xiao yi yi to come down to 'help'. She came down with 3 umbrella but no rain liao... hahahaha..

mummy even teased her abt it.. :P

Saturday, January 13, 2007

When i'm in hopsital

After 39wks in mumy's tummy, I'm finally out!!!...
Since i came out in the evening, everyone came and visited mummy & me in the hopsital only the next day.. Bearing gifts & food (gifts for me and food for mummy)....

My grandparents came and visited me before they went on a cruise with my 3rd uncle and my future cho cho auntie.. :P

My Nai Nai
My Po Po

Friday, January 12, 2007

My Birth

I was suppose to come out of my mummy's tummy on the 15th( doctor gave me 1wk b4 15th), but i was too comfortable till i forgotten to come out so mummy & daddy decided they would like me to come out on the 12th.

Mummy & daddy got everything planned the day before, suppose to wake up at 06:00hr but me being playful, i decided to give them a surprise instead... hehehe ;>

mummy woke up bleeding.. she & daddy got a scare and they decided to skip breaksfast and rush down to hospital incase i got into 'trouble'... hehehe..

but they were in for a surprise cos i wasn't even ready to come out.

mummy needed to be induce and initially she wanted a chemical free labour but i was giving her 'hell' till she have to ask for the 'INJECTION' after she was so relax till she was surprise when the midway said 'the baby on the way'...

and just after 19:00hr, i am born into my mummy & daddy's lives.

me 'Isabelle Loh Yu Zhen' came into the world on 12th of Jan 2007 (^-^)