Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas day (2008)

Christmas Eve Dinner is a special event in our family.

Everyone were gather in our house for dinner and also the time when we really make full used of our dinning take :P

Daddy will prepare most of the presents and mummy be the santa to give them out.

My cousins n me were be the santa's helper to bring the presents to our guests.

Initially started with my cousin Lishaung then cousin Hayden came along now we have 3 'helpers'. Next year, my didi (Luis) will 'join' our group but i think he will be too young to join in the fun.

(Mummy @ 4 months Preg)

we always have fun helping mummy but she had the most headache job cos she needs to make sure all 3 'helpers' gets 'equal' chances to help if not we were be very upset :P
(see my cousins waititng for their turn)