Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I got Ambushed!!

Just my luck this mth!! *Sigh!!*
I started the month of May looking like that (already very bad for a gal who looks like a boy)
Then I got shaved!!

Then 1 fine day, mummy came home from work (she went to pick me up at nai nai's place).
When she 1st saw me, she found me looking very weird.
That's when nai nai told her, she shaved my eyebrows when i was sleeping.
By then, there was nothing mummy can do abt it. But mummy had Xie4 ling4 then NOONE's going to cut my eyelashes while i sleeping!!... Luckily me leh

Sunday, May 13, 2007

My Reward!

Since i was very well-behaved during my 'Balding' procedure (Well, the 'whole' thing went so smoothly dat i almost slept thru' it.
Daddy decided to reward me by bring me to Sentosa...

Actually, it was MOTHER'S day. Daddy booked dinner in a resturant on Sentosa (The same place where mummy & daddy had their 1st date) but the funny thing was, the place 'shifted' and daddy had no ideal then.

Was during the 'tram' ride to Vivo city (we got free tics for the ride) dat mummy noticed the 'front' of Sentosa were demolished. (They very long never 'stepped' into Sentosa liao.. *Sigh*
Mummy had to 'point' out to daddy before he realised what mummy was talking abt... hahaha My Daddy very blur wan :P

I wasn't happy in this pic, maybe the weather abit warm for me. Po Po told mummy i needed to wear a cap cos i'm bald in case i catches a cold. So mummy & daddy made me wear a cap everywhere we went dat day including e warm outdoor of SENTOSA leh!! :(

I'm to be SHAVED!!!

Today is the day i going BALD!!!

Normally, we (newly borned bb) are suppose to be shaved on the 1st mth but mummy said my head too soft so they decided to wait till my 4th mth then go shaving.



Sunday, May 6, 2007

My thumb sucking experience

This is the 1st time i learned to suck my thumb and mummy caught it on camera. ^_^