Sunday, February 18, 2007

Chinese New Year!!!

Cong Xi!! Cong Xi!!

Today is CNY, my 1st chinese new year. I just passed 1 mth, mummy & daddy went home to stay so that i will be able to meet visit my 2 grandmothers for my 1st CNY.

Mummy bought me this mickey mouse clothing but seems like the top is too big for me cos i keep showing my 'chest' off. So pai say!! :P

even Po Po said i may catch a cold!!... :)

mummy & daddy each gave me a 'Ang Bao' but i can tell u, my mummy gave me a bigger pack then daddy.. hehehe cos i heard mummy nagging at daddy regarding his..

Saturday, February 10, 2007

My 1st mth

I'm almost 1 mth old today cos 12th is a Monday and everyone needed to work so mumy & daddy decided to celebrate my birthday slightly earlier so that ppl will come!!

Mummy's & daddy friends all came n gave me gifts... hehehe i just needed to let them carried me n i 'get paid' hehehhe...

Everyone said i looked like my mummy when she's a baby too... meaning 'i looked like a boy' :(
This is my mean look :<, actually dat's my sleepy look cos i was up too early n needed my beauty sleep but too noise today for me to nap... have to wait till ppl go home then i can 'rest'...

For my effortless work, i get paid, not a bad life too hor!!! :P