Saturday, November 24, 2007

New Playground at Botanical Garden

This is so warm, see my hair!!
mummy said can used my hair to judge how warm is e weather.. All down means very #$^@& warm leh.. AIRCON!!!!
Here more cooling cos there is a waterfall behind us but abit dark which i scare leh..
This is my 'matrix' daddy... :P
Come lah, let me take this, daddy dun know how to shade me!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Morning Breakfast

We barely made it for breaksfast cos mummy needed to bath me n get me ready..
then mummy still needed to feed me b4 she can ve her's.. when i notice their breaksfast, i decided i dun wan mine cos mine not as good as their... :P
mummy gave me some wholemeal bread... so yummy!!! Now mummy feeding me 'real' food cos i keep asking for them... they can't tahan my nagging... hehehe

me made so much noise till e couple in e next table kept looking at me.. made me so pai sai... dun look at me lah!!... shy!! shy!!

Moring After

Morning!!!! Mummy took these pics just when i'm waking up from my sleep... In my dream bag which mummuy bought a few weeks back and luckily she did cos e hotel room is so cold!!... :S

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Happy family pic

This is the hotel we were be staying in tonight, daddy & mummy got a free night stay to celebrate their wedding Anni... Luckily they bought me along to enjoy the stay... The shophouse suite really very big n nice.. Daddy & mummy have their wedding dinner here n hear daddy proposed to mummy at this hotel lounge... so this hotel holds very nice memories for them...

A nice tourist offered to take this pic for us (very well taken too). She even asked daddy how did they 'style' my hair (meaning - how they made my hair 'stand').. she was so surprised to hear dat no styling involved!!! :S

Checked in

This is the shophouse suite that daddy & mummy checked into today.... Mummy put me on the bed and is so comforty n big... see me so happy on it... YIPPY!!!
See me dance... hahahaha
shake my bon bon!! :P

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Star War 'Princess Leia' lookalike

Mummy wanted me to be princess Leia and daddy needed to hold me for me to 'behave'

mummy keeps laughing at me while taking these pics... my mummy is slighty crazy liao... *sigh*

Let me call for my backup!!

Friday, November 9, 2007

i can climb liao!!!

Mummy took this video on my 1st attempt at climbing..