Saturday, August 2, 2008

Day 1 of Japan Trip

Today, i woke up very very early (5plus am)... *Yawn* but mummy and daddy were up even earlier (04:30am).

Initially, mummy thinking to carry me (asleep) into the taxi but i knew (mummy told me before i went to bed) that we were going on a trip (my 1st trip abroad) that i automatically woke up when we were about to leave for the airport.

Mummy & Me at the airport after we passed immgrantion.
A kind couple helped us to take this pic.. (Dora also joined us for this trip)
Initially, I wanted to bring both Barney and Dora but Daddy said can only choose 1. Barney's too big and i will be too clumsy to 'handle' Barney so ended up i can only bring Dora (initially thinking to get ducky too but Daddy caught me while i carried both Dora & Ducky to the door, so Ducky ve to stay home :( )
A pic of Mummy, Dora & Me!!!

Mummy abit disappointed that she forgotten to take any pics of me on the airplane... maybe cos she was too busy & exhausted from catering to my needs :P

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