Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Extensive Vocabulary

Mummy have no success in capturing my extensive vocabulary on video cos me shy shy...

so here's a list of baby sentences:

Dotiti = broccoli
pacifier = fier
raisin = railing

adult sentences:
Q to belle: What's your name?
A from her: my name 'belle' 'belle'

Action: likes to ask - wat u doing?, wave n say 'bye bye', hold chopstick like an adult (only holding - this was a surprise to mummy cos she suddenly notice this action of mine when a pair of chopstick is in my hand, she told nai nai i hold e chopstick better than daddy :P )

Food: yogurt, apple, orange, banana, strawberry

Animal: horse, duck, bird, bear, fish, crab, monkey, dog, cow

Transportation: car, bus, aeroplane

Clothing: shoes

Others: umbrella, sit horse horse, color (as in coloring)

Action: drink water, me too me too (used when she also wants to eat), eat yogurt, dancing, peekaboo

Ppl: gor gor, jie jie, yi yi, su su, nai nai, yei yei, por por, mummy, daddy, auntie, uncle

Identify her body parts: eyes, nose, ear, mouth, tongue, teeth, neck, head, hair, hand, fingers, leg, toe, tummy, backside

Count from 1 -7, A-D

Mandarin: (shan zhi jin)

ren zhi chu (not yet)
Xin pen shan (i only know this sentence)

but i seems to like it when mummy talks to me in mandarin.. hehehe

I also can feed myself but most times mummy said are a messy affairs. Not encourage if just clean the house :P

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little prince's mummy said...

Wow!~ Know so many words!~ Bravo!